Commission Gap – Helping Agents Structure Commission for their buyers

Dear Agents,

In light of recent trends towards greater transparency in commission disclosures in the real estate sector, we understand the complexities and challenges this may introduce, especially when dealing with properties without commission. We aim to ensure that every transaction remains transparent, informed, and equitable for all parties involved.

We are excited to share our comprehensive strategy designed to navigate these changes effectively, ensuring a smooth and beneficial process for buyers and listing agents. Our approach encompasses four key strategies:

  1. Digital Offer Platform: Embrace the digital revolution with our state-of-the-art platform, designed to streamline the offer process. This system provides instant access to approval letters, detailed financial breakdowns, and personalized video messages, ensuring clarity and efficiency. For buyers' agents, this means a smoother process in presenting offers to your clients. For listing agents, this facilitates a transparent and swift review process.


  1. Appraisal Gap Coverage: Appraisal gaps can disrupt transactions in today's market. Our strategy is designed to mitigate these risks by ensuring that rates and payments remain consistent, regardless of appraisal outcomes. This provides peace of mind for buyers and sellers, maintaining the integrity of the agreed-upon sale price.
  2. Commission Gap Solution: Addressing properties where no commission is offered, our innovative Commission Gap Solution integrates the necessary costs into the financing structure, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted transaction process. This approach benefits buyers and listing agents by preserving the transaction's financial viability.
  3. Affordability Solutions: Our mission is to make homeownership accessible. Our tailored financing solutions enhance affordability by offering competitive rates and specialized loan products that cater to diverse financial situations.

We are committed to partnering with you in these evolving times, offering expert guidance and innovative solutions to navigate the complexities of the real estate market. Together, we can ensure a seamless, transparent, and successful journey for all home-buying parties.

Warm regards,

Noel Smith


"Noel and his team made the process of securing a home loan so easy. They communicated with me regularly and were quick to respond when I had a question. Being able to upload and view/sign documents electronically was also extremely convenient."

lori f

"Excellent communication and knowledge throughout the entire process. I have worked with Noel and his team on several different home transactions and wouldn’t go anywhere else."

jason s

"Flexibility and understanding of needs."

george s